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Suspended Wall Unit

Our suspended wall units are ideal for a host of ambiences, in the living room or bathroom, the bedroom and even the office.  They are made of welded, painted sheet metal and are designed to meet many needs with a wide range of models.

We provide three different types and sizes:

  • fully welded wall unit
  • wall unit prepared to take an interchangeable sheet metal back panel
  • wall unit prepared to take a wood and/or particle board back panel

There are three standard size modules: 300, 600 and 900mm; they can also be supplied with any other measurements the customer requires.
Our in-house spray-painting shop can provide a vast, customisable range of colours, facilitating matching to meet individual needs.
The different types can be used to create colour schemes and closed and open spaces on walls.


300 x 300 x 300mm
600 x 300 x 300mm
900 x 300 x 300mm

Units can also be produced to customers’ drawings and specifications.


There is a vast choice of colours available, and our in-house spray-painting shop can produce wall units in colours required by customers.


Fixed, non-removable back panel: Wall unit with welded back panel.
Removable, sheet metal back panel: Wall unit prepared to take an interchangeable, sheet metal back panel; back panels in different colours can be fitted to the wall units.
Particle board back panel: Wall unit prepared to take a particle board back panel.


The units are fitted to the wall by adjustable hardware.


Wall unit model without side closures; available only with fixed back panels.


All types can be fitted horizontally or vertically.