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Progetra: the brilliant evolution of metals

New ideas, new objectives, new challenges.
This is what we were thinking of when we created Progetra, the Etra division that handles the production of metal furnishing accessories to enhance the functionality and design of work environments.

Formed from the rib of the mother company, Progetra designs and develops innovative and technologically advanced furnishing solutions. Etra’s semi-finished products are now joined by the resistant, beautiful and functional finished products of Progetra. In Progetra, you will find all of the best of Etra: the same focus on details, passion for technology, drive towards innovation and punctuality and precision of solutions designed and developed to function properly, a product Made in Italy in which we deeply believe.

Accuracy and talent, design: solid and versatile structures and accessories, which make for a welcoming and comfortable work environment.
Every year, we will offer new products: we will follow market trends to keep pace with your needs, and often to anticipate them.

We want to improve your business, give your furnishings personality, make your work processes more immediate.